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Inspiration for Your Everyday

I love words, especially written ones. I love their power to hold an immortal conversation, to sit down at any given time and engage with someone’s heart, leaving a blueprint of their thoughts, values, and ideas. I hope this is a place that feels disarming, validating, and maybe even a little funny. May it ultimately refresh you. As a modern woman, I often find myself in overdrive, juggling the pressure, needs and requests of the life surrounding me. Striving to be present while trying to engage and extract all the beauty that life’s moments hold.

I love the phrase, “pull up a chair”. I imagine my grandfather inviting me to have a seat at the table, giving me permission to pause and release the things calling for my attention; with no agenda, but time together; hearing each other and being heard.

Why are we in such a hurry? The average American meal together lasts 10 minutes, often with no table at all. I hope in these pages you come away inspired, granting yourself permission to “pull up a chair”, turn off the noise, listen, reflect and refresh. We can embrace a different pace, a different experience for ourselves. I love “pulling up a chair” next to someone I have walked life with for a long time, but there may also be treasures gleaned from the someone I have only just met, both holding something indispensable. The story of others and our own story has so much to teach. So “pull up a chair,” take a deep breath, maybe several, listen, and consider.

I hope to introduce you to ordinary, extraordinary people, highlighting the power of what we each bring to the table, and all the ways we strengthen each other. Our uniqueness as individuals, our different journeys, experiences, successes, and heartbreaks, I believe we are all very much the same.

I am so excited to sit at this table with you.

Much Love,


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